Notes from a Programmer

View over Marsden in the snow

About Me

I’m Paul Chappell, I live in the village of Marsden, up in the Yorkshire Pennines, about 20 miles east of Manchester. The photo above is a view of Marsden.

In 1973 I went to Sheffield University to study Civil and Structural Engineering, I wanted to be a Civil Engineer, I wanted to build things. That’s until they taught me how to program in Fortran, which was much, much more interesting. So, I changed track and became a programmer.

This led to a lifetime of learning. Something I am still doing, especially with the Ulverston Fallen website. It’s amazing how things have changed since I started programming in 1978!

I still write code; for myself and people close to me. I’ve no wish to return to a full-time programming job, though I’m quite happy to occasionally do small paid projects for other people.

I currently program using Visual Studio 2019, C# and the .Net Core Framework (I’ve given up on the original framework). The core framework is much faster than the original and can be used on many different machines. The server-side code for Ulverston Fallen currently runs on an Ubuntu server. I cannot wait for release 3.0, due in a month or so’s time.

I am also starting to explore serverless systems, especially on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Over the next year or so I wish to complete Ulverston Fallen and write my own blogging engine. How I do this will be detailed in this website and blog. Eventually, the blogging engine will be used to write the blog!